NetQCheck, providing embedded network quality testing for devices and applications

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Compatible with Raspberry Pi

Introducing NetQCheck

Keeping customers for the long term is vital to the survival of any business. So when your customer calls support to complain that the VoIP quality is unacceptable or the stock trading application is failing, or the throughput speed is slow; what can the support engineer do to validate, confirm and resolve the problem, when that

problem may be taking place in another city or even another country using networks, over which, you have no ownership or control, including the customers own network.

What is NetQCheck?

NetQCheck technology delivers a comprehensive testing framework that can be embedded into network applications and/or devices for testing, analyzing and reporting connectivity problems. NetQCheck effectively smart enables any network device or application that is connected to a TCP/IP network so it can test TCP and UDP protocols, explore routes to quickly identify quality issues, especially in the last mile, that affect the customer. NetQCheck delivers a highly portable OEM API which can operate on any compliant platform, such as a VoIP phone handset, firewall, multimedia set-top box, mobile phone or simply a Windows /Unix PC client workstation.

NEW NetQCheck v34 now available (Feb '18)

•  Expanded connection test diagnostics
•  Added platform support for Android

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NetQCheck provides cross platform support for devices and applications, including:

iphone phone laptop act

Wireless Devices

Video and VoIP Devices

Time Critical Applications

Network Appliances

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