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About Us

NetQCheck is powered by Visualware.

Founded in January of 2001, Visualware, Inc. is a leading creator of solutions to accurately measure broadband connection performance and quickly identify the cause of poor connection quality.

Visualware’s Enterprise solutions include a suite of products and OEM technologies that enable any business or organization to view, report and troubleshoot remote customer connections. Visualware’s technology measures the actual application service level directly from the customer’s own workstation, providing a true picture of service to the customer. The VoIP product solutions enable businesses to test end-user/customer connections for VoIP quality, providing a means to pre-qualify potential VoIP users or troubleshoot VoIP performance problems

Visualware’s Personal User solutions enable users to gain control of their Internet usage, by providing visibility to where security threats originate and quickly pinpointing where connectivity bottlenecks occur.

All Visualware solutions are designed with a focus on ease-of-use and excellent value, and are combined with Visualware's top-level commitment to customer service.

Visualware is a privately held company founded by a team of software market veterans to provide business and individuals with solutions to easily manage Internet performance and identify security threats.

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