NetQCheck, providing embedded network quality testing for devices and applications

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For information on adding the NetQCheck network testing technology to your products, please contact us.

NetQCheck is currently available for the platforms below:

  • Windows, Linux, MAC OSX
  • Android, Apple IOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and Windows Mobile

Contact us for additional platform support.

To see NetQCheck in action, try the MyConnection apps for the iPhone, which are based on the NetQCheck technology.
MyConnection - Free

Why use NetQCheck?

NetQCheck enables support groups and engineers to quickly and accurately test connections directly from any remote device or application to identify and resolve the cause. Network service problems that go unresolved are the single biggest reason why customers switch providers. When your application fails, customers rightly complain. The challenge for any application service provider is to solve any problem quickly with minimal disruption to the customer; in short to keep the customer happy.

That said, when an application relies on public or private IP networks, managing and delivering quality is a difficult, time consuming and costly exercise. An IP network is only a best effort provider, there are no guarantees of delivery. This places service providers in a difficult no-win situation. Clients demand ownership of service delivery 'end-to-end' but the provider has no ownership of the network infrastructure or the clients own network to be able to meet that demand. NetQCheck allows the service provider the opportunity to realistically meet that demand.

NetQCheck Platform Support

NetQCheck is specifically designed to be portable, enabling support of any platform that uses TCP/IP and is reasonably conformant to standards. This includes major network appliances like routers, firewalls, switches as well as set-top boxes, VoIP phones, cell phones, network display monitors, network printers, Windows/Unix PCs and Servers, handheld wireless devices etc. Basically any device that supports a TCP/IP network connection.

The Visualware Access Series devices are an example of an NetQCheck testing appliance. Access Series supports testing TCP throughput, data flow quality, UDP VoIP and UDP Capacity, as well as end-to-end route discovery and performance. In this example device, NetQCheck is integrated with TCP directly to identify and report on TCP problems such as lost or corrupt data, order of data, duplicates etc.

NetQCheck Benefits

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Resolving remote connectivity problems that affect customers consumes time, resources and money. NetQCheck reduces costs and improves customer retention by quickly helping to resolve connectivity problems that occur in the last mile and beyond and impact the customer.

NetQCheck allows support groups to instantly initiate in-depth testing from an NetQCheck compliant device or application to one or more points in the network. This allows access to the results anywhere in the world. Through this process NetQCheck helps resolve connectivity issues quickly that impact customers, regardless of the customer location.

NetQCheck provides much needed visibility to important data that helps to identify congestion and regulation events that are present in the last mile as well as networks beyond the last mile.

How do I use NetQCheck?

NetQCheck provides a flexible API to support a broad range of accurate network test methods that can be embedded into any network device or application. NetQCheck test methods are designed to smart enable network devices so they can test, measure and report. NetQCheck is designed to help resolve connectivity problems that impact quality of service.

NetQCheck enabled devices and applications can initiate and conduct connectivity tests directly in the last mile through local or remote management. This delivers in-depth results to support groups and engineers anywhere in the world for fast analysis and resolution.

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